25 thoughts on “10 Amazing Money Facts | Fun Facts Video about Money You Didn’t Know

  1. Step 1: trade 1000$ for 100000 pennies
    Step 2: sell for scrap metal
    Step 3: 241% profit? = made 2410$

  2. the flag on the parliament buildings is actually the red ensign. it has a
    union jack in the upper left hand corner and Canadian shield on the right

  3. Mr.Krabs would be shocked to know this much about MONEY. But screw him,
    he’s a cheapskate.

  4. To all saying Canadians don’t have a two dollar bill: We used to, it was
    discontinued and is mildly hard to find.

  5. Ya you should check your facts about the American flag being on the $2
    Canadian bill. that does not look like the American flag.

  6. I think that Mr.Krabs should watch this video so he’ll learn to not look at
    that money the same way again.

  7. that is not the american flag on the canadian 2 dollar bill. It’s the
    original colonial flag that predates the current flag.

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