25 thoughts on “10 MONEY MANAGEMENT TIPS

  1. Best budgeting video I’ve seen on you tube thanks for sharing!

  2. 400 euros rent? Do you live in a garage? 😉 Good tips though. Thanks.

  3. Everyone Iv listened to who are million or even billionaires, all say to
    pay yourself first even before debt 

  4. Really good video , you are the best Emily thank you for sharing !!

  5. Looking at getting my financial right. Listened to this from the beginning
    till end. Thank you!

  6. Well done. You’re my hero. My goal is to find a job outside of the US and
    live abroad in a fabulous city like Berlin just like you! Right now,
    saving money is top priority, cheers!

  7. i like ur money plan.. I find it very useful and clear.. thnx so much 🙂 

  8. My plan is very similar but I have a supermarket spend budget as well.

  9. Very nicely done! I am 52, and my lack of good money management skills has
    hurt me so very badly throughout the years. I have begun taking steps to
    rebuild my life on every level, and finances are my priority in this
    measure. Thank you for a thoughtful and organized presentation!

  10. I’m like the WORSE saver ever! I just buy a lot of stuff I don’t really
    need, but get the urge to buy it and justify it with ‘well I’ve got money’
    and as a consequence, I end up blowing most of my hard earned cash and
    panicking! It’s like a cycle of stupidity cos I never learn lol! I used to
    write down everything I spent, but it wasn’t for budgeting purposes per
    say, but just to see how the hell I went so over my invisible budget!
    Usually it’s on frivolous items like going out to eat (almost every day) or
    just buying little things here and there, when I should know better. These
    past few months though, I went a little off course, money wise, and started
    to understand what it’s like struggling to have a large excess of cash I
    can burn through. It was tough, but it made me realize I need to prioritize
    what I need to buy. It’s like asking ‘do I really wanna go to that
    restaurant, or would I rather spend the same amount on something I NEED?”
    It’s been a long process, but I’m slowly getting there… hopefully I’ll be
    as money savvy as you in the near future! Great video Emily! 

  11. Loved this, Emily. Couldn’t agree with you more, I just can’t understand
    why people would even consider store credit cards – they are just asking to
    get into debt.
    I am really careful with my money in that way but as I’m still living at
    home I don’t have full responsibility for living costs. Hoping to move out
    soon and managing my money is something I’ve been worried about. This was
    really really helpful 🙂 x

  12. I’m really good at money management – but it’s great seeing a video on it
    🙂 xxx

  13. i recently started to make money plans as well, because im saving up money
    for my appartment. you make better choices regarding your money with a plan
    i think!

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