25 thoughts on “30 Crazy Money Facts You’ll wish You NEVER Knew

  1. I’m calling the paper dollars in the pockets of us Americans “money”
    because its known as money or “cash.” In reality it is a “Federal Reserve
    Note” (FRN). This is a note of debt. Its actually an I.O.U. that has no
    resources to back it.

    In the past, these FRNs actually stated, “redeemable in Lawful Money,” and
    “will pay to the bearer on demand.” That is exactly what the note said.
    In other words, if it was redeemable for lawful money, then it wasn’t
    lawful money itself. If you want to learn more about this interesting fact
    see my video entitled “The Secret Scam” and let me know what you think.

  2. You’re gonna look at the money in your pocket a little bit differently
    after watching this video. Please share.

  3. Always about the money. Not enough, too much…no, never too much for
    Gates, Soros, Buffet etc. etc. etc. Greedy basterds, just like I’m
    starting to think all founding fathers were. And that’s a damn shame.

  4. You do NOT have a better chance of becoming president than winning the
    lottery. Fewer than 50 people have become President since the country
    began. How many have won the (weekly) lottery?

  5. I wish you would have referred to these notes as notes or receipts rather
    than calling them what they are not.

  6. phenomenally well done. the gold standard has been a joke for how many
    years now?

  7. There is no money only Debt. Look at the US one dollar bill, it says Debt.
    on it. So how much Debt. aka dollars do you owe/own? Unless you own gold
    maybe but most Americans own Debt.

  8. Shit from what i hear u DONT EVEN HAVE TO B BORN HERE TO B PRESIDENTlol
    imagine that lol n it doesnt take our government any time at all to spend
    money on shit lol

  9. Crazy stuff, man, it makes you wonder how anyone could have confidence in
    the system the way it is huh?

  10. America = Evil
    but then you have Bill Gates. Who’s almost, if not, holy.
    I’m confused

  11. the promissory note riddled in debt backed by nothing but lies

  12. Great work. Love what your doing and how you do it.

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