1. Getting ready to work on garage sale stuff and just got the FPU materials
    for budgeting. lol! Lots of great tips! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 

  2. This video went up at a great time, I just got a brand new car and I really
    need to make a budget thanks for sharing Cassie :)

  3. Very good tips,I’m working on getting my budget together.Hopefully I can
    stick with it.The tip about unsubscribing from the stores emails is
    GREAT.It was the most simply idea but yet I never thought about it.Happy
    New Years and TFS.

  4. You could do an online auction or sell those items to your followers!

  5. Wonderful video!!! And I would loooove to see all of your samples and tips
    of where or how you got them. Thumbs up for you.

  6. loved the video! my parents have just split and I’m not moving out for a
    while so we need to start doing this!! 

  7. Great tips!! Also, im dying to know where did you get your black and white

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