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  1. I want to know how to live at the moderate living standard without
    accumulating debt. And that means a place to live in a safe area, decent
    housing, six changes of clothing + two special occasion options and three
    leisure wear. Utilities paid, decent furniture including a decent mattress,
    two items for recreation, private transport, four pairs of shoes, three
    coats, hair preparation by professional every two weeks, communication
    device, decent diet, occasional every two weeks outing, once a year
    vacation, inviting persons in home once every six weeks, stockings and
    socks, personal items replenished every month. Clothes cleaned, all
    underwear replaced every two to three months.Buying of occasional present
    for loved one twice a year, health insurance, life insurance, housing
    insurance, car insurance, taxes. Unexpected expense twice a year.

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