7 thoughts on “Avoiding Credit Card Debt Tips for College Students

  1. Those poor little sheepies! They got the credit card, USED IT, and then
    they couldn’t afford to pay THEIR bills! Nobody’s responsible for their
    actions in the USSA! ANyone who thinks you can be “pushed” to buy somehting
    you don’t want would be right at home in communist Russia. …We’re already
    living under Central Banking Socialism, why not have even more
    restrictions, regulations, and limits to free enterprise? I hope these
    idiots will learn to vote libertarian, for their own sake.

  2. The stresses from higher mortgage rates, petrol prices and food prices are
    forcing consumers to spend less with their credit cards, but they are so
    stressed they can’t pay off their balances as they come due, dramatic new
    data from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand shows.

  3. If you are 19-21 and living on your own for the first time it is incredibly
    easy to make a stupid decision and not look after your finances. I wonder
    what your credit score looks like.

  4. …But if you dont buy with credit the economy will collapse, because the
    banks have set up a system where money originates from credit. No credit no
    money and the economy collapses. The volume of money in the USA economy,
    the M1, M2 and M3 is the result of the banks loaning money they dont have.
    If you dont buy anything with credit someone else is going to, causing the
    price of things to go up. When there is more money money is worth less. So
    even if you dont buy with credit, you are paying

  5. @heywoodjablohme It’s not socialism to have a central banking system. In
    fact America did have a government run bank prior to 1913 until the
    privately run Federal Reserve was founded. By putting the control of the
    nation’s money supply in the hands of what is basically a private bank,
    that private enterprise not only has control over how much people’s hard
    earned money is worth but also over the government as well since the
    government is basically paying a private bank to use its own money.

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