25 thoughts on “TIPS FOR SAVING MONEY + 52 Week Money Challenge!

  1. These tips are great but I have a problem. I spend the most money on food
    and clothing. I’m bougie and fat…. Seafood & heels are my addiction 

  2. I’ve been working since the age of 17 and I used to make really good money.
    My mom used to tell me to save my dollars but I was young and foolish. I’m
    22 now and I’ve began saving my money. I currently have over $1000 saved
    but I still beat myself just wondering how much I would have if I began
    saving my money sooner smh…

  3. Guys If you have a bank account, get a savings account along with your
    regular chequing! My bank teller made me able to deposit money into my
    savings but I have to put in a request to take money out. Idk if it’s like
    that every bank but it works so well for me! Each paycheck I get, I put
    half into savings. Because I’m lazy as hell it works out because it’s way
    too much work to put in a request to withdrawal from my savings just to buy
    stupidness. Try it out! Hopefully that wasn’t too confusing lol

  4. I’m actually pretty good with saving (just a few more months until my
    student loans are paid off! woop woop!!) but one of the things I have a
    problem with is being ‘too stingy’. So maybe this will help me become more
    frugal instead of a money hoarder.^0^

  5. U read my mind lol this is the cherry on top, I’m doing it !! Thanks for
    the motivation 

  6. I started the 52 weeks challenge, the first week of 2014 🙂 love this
    challenge, so easy to save money. I already saved over 600$ (this week is
    the 35th week) :D

  7. Thanks for sharing these great tips on saving:) Shall recommend it to my
    college mates:) 

  8. I’m gonna do this, I’m from Britain so (fingers crossed) if I get into uni
    in the us I can exchange it and it will equate a lot more. I’m probably
    gonna try put spare change in there too

  9. Great video. I’m saving for a MacBook pro for the end of the year with 52
    week challenge. Except I’m doing out backwards starting with 52. Then it
    will only get easier! Can’t wait! 

  10. I have no self control with spending! lol so I need to do this challenge to
    save up for prom ! 

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